Words like honey

Well, bless yer heart!

You made it! So glad you stopped by. If this were my mother’s front porch (and I do kinda want it to feel that way), she’d have a fresh glass a’tea waitin’ on ya with optional lemon and mint. She’s prepared that way, in an extra step for guests- kind of way. I know you’re pulled by blogs- left and right. Everybody has something to say. I mainly have a lot of commentary on this crazy, twisty life.

I’m a twenty-something girl who’s life is trekking a little differently than she had planned. I had a husband, two cats, The pup, and a cute house in a little-big, southern city. There’s been some rearranging. Like any really good room, there are lots of ways to arrange a life and I have the opportunity privilege of rearranging (maybe perpetually) mine. I’m taking this opportunity to evaluate those pieces in my life that really hold water, finding out I have a few pretty good ones. Some ideals are sandy and I’m looking for rocks to build on.

I try hard to be crafty (with words and in a martha-kind of way) and I’m hoping to do some exploratory writing about all the nuts-o places my life takes me! The Pup and I will walk you around our block and show you what we love, what we struggle with, and hope to take a few unexpected adventures with you. Sometimes it’s muggy, often sunny, and rarely without compelling interest! I hope to sweet talk you into laughing a whole lot and loving life a little more!

Thanks for being gracious with my ever so elementary abilities to write- I hope to entertain you!

Smooch (…and a wet one from The Pup)!



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