First Downs and Dating…

NCSU Football

I’m a guy’s girl. I LOVE Football.

I’m actually kidding. I don’t. I’m terrible at this. I do actually like football, but I just don’t know that much about it. I like going to games and planning tailgates. I like picking out the game day outfit and I like cheering on my team (which is usually whoever I am with’s favorite). Football game dates are fun, they are interactive, usually a longer affair than just dinner, and it’s with bunches of rowdy people. All of this is good. I love it. But, it’s tricky too, when you combine dating and football… See, I don’t like people who act like they know things they don’t know, plus, I like people who take a genuine interest in things I like- So, I don’t want to be the chick who acts like she understands when she doesn’t and I want to understand the game if the guy likes football.

There’s this guy I talk to sometimes, “Texas,” he played college ball and like most boys his age (I really mean like every boy, of every age) he loves football.

We were chatting on the phone the other day and he said, “Do you know what today is? It’s not Christmas, but it’s right up there with Thanksgiving.” My mind went racing… was there a huge tournament I didn’t know about, the anniversary of something…? He quickly answers his own question, (nervous I might fail with my answer…I think) “Today’s the first day of college football!!!!! Whooohooo! I’m so excited!”  I tried hard to mask my eye roll and not let the “Are-You-Serious” feeling enter the tone of my voice.

I really like when guys have hobbies and activities that are important to them. It shows they are dynamic and interesting. I like that he likes football. But see… I kinda like him and I do NOT know that much about football.

If we were to be watching a game together (which might never even happen) and he were to ask me, “Did you see that?” and he weren’t referring to a tackle, a touchdown, or a field goal, I would doubtfully know what he would be talking about.

This concerns me. I try to be as much of myself as around everybody, BUT,  I also want to be awesome. So, I’m taking this very good opportunity to learn football. I mean, it’s a good thing, most boys like football. I live in a college town and most boys around here are serious about one team or another, so college sports ALWAYS comes up. This time of year FOOTBALL is on the lips of every active boy around…

I was talking with my bedazzled bestie the other day and she gave the following pointers…

  • Just know quarter back throws ball

  • receivers catch ball

  • linemen pummel & tackle & dog pile

  • kickers punt & score the extra point on TDs

  • running backs RUN

  • TD is six points

  • kicking between goal posts gets you one extra point on TD

  • running it into end zone after TD gets you 2 extra points

  • field goal gets you 3 points

  • You get four tries to get first down/10 yards or TD

  • Hail Mary is Quarterback throwing it all the way down the field to receiver in hopes of catch & TD (no short passes on this one)

  • Before each play, offense only gets like 25 seconds to get ball snapped or they lose a down (one of four chances to get 1st down)

I don’t know the difference between types of plays & offense but I may get there one day!!
I think those things help you to fake knowing football hahahahhaha”

She’s amazing. She’s a dedicated fan of a particular team and she’s a very informed individual AND she still doesn’t know everything and THAT soothes me.

I am learning! I’ve watched some games here in the last few days and I’m brushing up. “I shall understand football and be able to generally discuss it with understanding…” I tell myself after work in the afternoons. Hopefully, I can bring myself up to speed before a handsome boy brings it up again. In the meantime, any of my friends who DO know football and want to help make me a more well rounded date, please, I’ll make dinner, or pour wine, or let you put those black glare lines under my eyes (for a little while, and not out in public) if you’ll help educate me…

And where-e’er we go,
we’ll let the whole world know,
We’re behind you, keep fighting for State.


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