Dum de dum dum DUMMMMMM.

I love music. I think most people would say they do, too. But no, really, I really do. I thought I’d put together a list of some tunes I’m listing to right now. It’s varied, be aware. I listen to roves of different things…

Of Monsters and Men….

This song in certifiably about forest creatures. I wish I could draw some deeper, more profound meaning for you… It’s just catching and momentous and somewhat of a let down when you realize you want to storm the streets singing this song about ‘four dirty paws’ and the ‘birds and the bees.’ Listen anyway. You might like it. It’s thrums similarly to the Mumford boys…

Ok, so next is Melissa and Jonathan David Helser… I’m pretty much in love with the whole album. I seriously love this one, but I also ADORE “Faith is Rising.” I can’t find a video of it, but listen to it here.

Ok. Pretty much jam to this song on a daily basis….

Need I say more?

Ok, Surely you have heard the hype about Mumford and Sons new album… It’s good.

I’m LOVING – Lover of the Lights…

Ok, last one for now… Loving the Lumineers right now. “Hey Ho” hit it big nationally.

I’m ALWAYS looking for new music! What are you listening to???? Tell me!


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