Cornstarch and dye


The first of many scenes captured that caused question marks to pop into our brains… Does he remind you of Slim Shady? I’m pretty sure he’s not the real one, and she’s looking for the real one… problem is they are ALL standing up.

Roommie Besties… Ow owwwww!!!

Pin in, girl.

Yes, she has had THOSE shorts since I met her- nearly 10 years ago. I love her for that. I asked her what she was wearing for the race and she said “Some old white gym shorts…” My response, “The ones with the navy stripes down the side….? Nice.”

Some things NEVER change, she is one of them {thank the Good Lord for that}.

Post Flight, Post a few hours’ sleep, Post roommie reunification – Pre-Color, Pre-Run, Pre-Food, Pre-Coffee

yay. {can we say…. RALLY time, not to be confused with Hammer time, slightly different}

She wanted to wear the sweatband… I agreed to try it… this is how i felt about it….

And this is what can happen with bangs… They DO pin back, shew! She kept looking at me with a furrowed brow like I had horns or something… I don’t know what she was hoping for from me, but this is what she got….

Tattoos on opposing cheeks for photos- I’ll have you know that SHE pointed out that detail…

And we {pretend to} kiss, so what?!

Oh yes, we got bandanas! Everyone wants a white, chevy logoed, pastel printed bandana- Duh!

{this was strictly a photo opportunity for us, we moved on to other bandana options directly after reviewing these photos}

This lovely gentleman saw me taking pictures and wanted to take the opportunity to show me his chassee…

I mean, it was pretty good. And I love a man who likes to dance…

For a moment here, I thought I was in Vegas. You know those very colorfully dressed people who make money taking very classy pictures with people… But you know what’s great about Portland, people just do this cause they want to… for FREE. Wow, I know, what a privilege on our part…. Bah ha ha. I’ll further have you know that this was the third gal we saw mosey up to this fella for a photo…

In case you’re confused about the face I am making here, {because I was} I had to be reminded this was taken just after I had yellow war powder dashed across my face- this is my war, “Come and get me, fella’s” face…. 

And we MADE it to the end of our little 5k. My first. Completed. Roommie Bestie and Ames and I stayed together and chatted and poked along. Thanks ladies for being hares with me!

Oh, and we don’t know those people, but I wanted you to see the finish line, it felt like an important place to document….

GET READY FOR CRAZY PICTURES! The best are yet to come…


This is what happens when a bunch of people throw their pink packets of dyed cornstarch into the air at one time…. {AWESOMENESS}

Bunches of color… and people.Color in the air…

Roommie Bestie and Ames {She’s a marathon runner, and she stuck with us the whole time, she’s dear}

Warzone of color.

{beginning to look like muddy, dirty air}

Sometimes you just want to be PINK

She really did. I mean, REALLY, she was GOING TO BE PINK when she got in her car… I wonder if she thought that through… Her car… Leather seats? Towels? Wipes?

Eh, who cares… it’s fun… I’m with her. Shouldn’t we all go ALL OUT every now and then?

Ames- She is as cool as this picture looks. I know, it’s crazy to imagine, but really!

So is this lady… She’s impressive. She’s a third year med student. She works really hard. She loves Jesus. She loves her people, too. She loves them well. She loves them with homemade doughnuts {baked, not fried. Better for you, you know}. She loves them with coffee and conversation. She loves this by listening and laughing at their jokes, and bringing them gatorade and saltines. She loves them by climbing out of windows and rolling her eyes. She loves them by flying across our country and to other countries to see them. She loves them through OCD cleaning habits, oranges, and prayer letters. She loves them by praying for lost things {subsequently, they are usually found. In fact, I can’t think of a SINGLE thing we’ve prayed about finding that wasn’t found}. She loves people,  like mad. Us people, we’re lucky.

I recently told our our Teaching Bestie that she’s {I say this in reverence and humility} like God… the same yesterday, today and tomorrow… and in so many ways, that’s true. It’s treasurable. I wouldn’t trade it for the world. She’s steady and safe and consistent. Thank goodness. She has no idea how much people love her. She’s so worthy. A gem.

Her crown will be bejeweled, for sure.

And this is me. Post color. SUPER FUN!

Lovely new friend. We found that we have several {more like a wheelbarrow full} of things in common. She loves to cook… and makes a bangin’ candied walnut and goat cheese salad. She loves cheese and wine as much as I do and proceeded to make me feel right at home by eating it on the floor with me until late at night. She’s a DOer… You know, she get’s things done. There are few things that are different about us… She runs and enjoys it; need I say more? She’s a good speller; again, I don’t really have much to say about this gift.

But….She’s got a fabulous sense of humor {“…of course you do…”}

Memory: This one time we camped on the beach over night with friends on a “nude” beach. Yep, that really happened.




Yeah, we had fun. And rest assured, Ames face cleaned right up.

Colored cornstarch in your hair looks like this… Add sweat… you get PASTE. Ewww. That happened, too.

This is an important photo: Please note the general brown around my mouth and nose… See, you breath in the harmless cornstarch. You sweat and it sticks to your face… I also snotted brown for two days. We go in the car that morning and noticed we were a little coughy, no wonder! I mean, powder, running, ingestion…

And those are my socks… THROUGH my shoes. They did NOT come clean. My shirt only has a little bit of color on it, very pale. But those sock, you would have thought I purposefully tie-died them. Somehow, I only got home with one. Roommie best is also a sock thief.

And this is back at home, pre-shower. What you can’t see, that I HATE you can’t see is the HUGE gray/brown region around her nose and mouth. She looked like a miner. It was HILARIOUS, cause we just left it that way until we showered… Cause when you  know you’re completely loved in the presence of someone else, WHO the heck cares if you have 6 different cornstarch colors on your face around your breathing zone and look like you’ve just finished doing something strange. After all, we are strange and we DO US every day and do it even better when we’re together. It’s pretty charming.

Hey roommie, I love you.

Go be colorful!


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