…and puppy dog breath

I’m just not sure there is anything quite like puppy dog breath.

My not so little brother just turned 21. Talk about making someone feel old… For his birthday his girlfriend and I got him a German Shorthair Pointer puppy. It might have been the craziest decision I have been a part of in a while, but I have a soft spot for furry, cuddly, yelpy things… She researched breeders and found one near where her parents lived. We told my brother about is early so that he understood that he might not actually have a gift on his birthday… The puppies were born two days before his birthday. It was a very fun surprise for all of us! I love to give a good gift and this might have been the most fun thing I’ve ever gotten to help give!

The puppies couldn’t be taken from their mama for six weeks, but they went to see them when they were a few days old… He got the male of the only two puppies born of the litter. The mailman had spoken for a girl and since there was only one, he got it. My brother didn’t seem the least bit disappointed when he met this little guy… Ernie Gi.

I mean, serious, who could resist?! So, he had to wait six weeks before he could take him home. I’m sure it past slowly for him, but Friday, he picked Ernie up. He and his girlfriend brought the tiny thing home to meet the family! He’s about the most goofy, soft, edible thing… Ever. I didn’t want to put him down, and they graciously indulged my puppy needs…

You know how they say, “let sleeping dogs lie…” well, don’t touch me or the puppy when he’s sleeping in my arms. I might hurt you out of reflex. 

He sleeps a lot right now, but he plays, too. He jumps around and loves to wrestle big bad leaves. He loved the big dogs and was super interested in them loving him back. My brother and his gf were just precious with him… They watched him lovingly and cared for him, taking him outside and making sure he ate and drank. They certainly didn’t lack for holding the little fella. It was so interesting to see these two work as a team to care for such a tiny creature. I’m sure I’m making a bigger deal out of it than it is, but it was impressive to see how they worked as a team and loved for Ernie. Way to go, guys!

I have to say, that I think Sally thought I might leave her behind for this new, sweet puppy breathed lil’ thing. She was constantly in front of me and following me around, like “mom, you still love me, too, right?!” She was great with her new cousin and wanted to love on him. Hopefully, she’ll stay sweet!

I thought a lot about why we are so drawn to these furry little creatures, to care for them, and pay for their expenses, and I can’t come up with anything too profound… Except that we all just want to be unconditionally loved and know that we matter, and to these little canines we do matter, and they love us back. All the time.

Look at this preciousness.

“Come here momma, I wanna sniff you right before I fall asleep.”

He knows he’s our little halloween hero!

Sadie is checking Ernie out on top of the boxwood, and as you can see, Sally could care less what these two are doing.

Stay warm up in the mountains, Gi Boy! Love you already!

Go find you a puppy to cuddle. You’ll feel better. 🙂

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