Life has been busy recently. I think a lot of people are feeling busy these days. I’ve read other people talking about slowing down and resting and soaking up moments…

We know the holidays are coming, the malls are already dressed with sparkly things, and the leaves are falling, preparing for the cold. And I am feeling the need to rest and soak up real moments, too. Like the kind of moments or just plain minutes, really, that silence your thoughts and cause your eyes to stare off into space, just from sheer contentment.

I can honestly say with great light-heartedness that my life is heaped FULL of wonderful things right now. A wonderful job. A wedding for a beloved friend. Fall weather. Dear, precious, close by friends. Adoring family. Snuggly puppies. I would be so foolish to not soak up every minute to take them all in.

So, I do. I go and play and plan and eat and laugh and talk and listen and work and play.

And I find myself exhausted and completely filled with gratitude. There hasn’t been much time for physical resting recently; but there has been emotional rest and spiritual rest; and I am thankful.

Consider the following:

Do something you’ve really wanted to do for a while. Buy a cheap, but completely awesome fire pit.

Build a fire for yourself, like the real kind without starter logs and lighter fluid {no matter what the man at Lowes says about girls not being able to build fires well, you can do it. All you need is paper, kinlin’ (also known as kindling), and some dry logs.}.

Stare at the fire and the coals and flames until your face is hot and you smell like fall smoke.


Wait for people to join you.  Because they will. Everyone likes to be warm. In front of a fire, with friends, how could you be warmer?

Then do it again another night. Ask someone to bring s’more ingredients: graham crackers, marshmallows, hershey’s or reese’s cups, and coat hangers or very fancy marshmallow roasters…

{Yes, I know, they look like models posing, but this was not posed.}

And there will be roasting and laughing and wine and pigs in blankets and beach chairs and camping chairs and dogs and perhaps, if you’re lucky, complete contentment.

These are some of my friends… And they are all wonderful.

And they have make great reese’s cup s’mores. And bring great wine.

So, my charge to you is “Go, be busy! Play hard! Run FULL steam ahead!” Why not? Your life is now and each day can be full of whatever it is that you choose. I have had the pleasure of choosing fire pits and friends and puppy dogs and family and good food. And I am blessed. You probably are, too. Go live. Enjoy! Figure out a way to take your ordinary, normal life and make it especially yours- no one else will do it for you.

And if it were me…. I’d Go. Get. A. Fire. Pit.


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