Dial it back, Halloween style.

Happy Halloween!

This year, this is my pumpkin. I felt very adventurous and able, trying to carve my {interlocking, I might add} monogram. Yeah… I won’t be doing that again, but at least I can say I tried. So there. Done.

Halloween is on a Wednesday, which is today, and I don’t think any of us are feeling like raising a ruckus. However, we do have some pretty spooky plans…

  • Sparkly bestie is bringing Greek Spaghetti {that I have been known to hoard from others, so as not to share}.
  • Roommie is considering her costume {I’ll have you know, she’s quite the bombshell in it!}
  • Chilean bestie is coming over probably with wine…. {Malbec, please.}
  • And Blonde Bestie touts she’ll be wearing a hot pink wig…
  • Oh, and others are coming…

We intend to sit in my front yard with fire pit and adirondack chairs, pass out inordinate amounts of candy to preciously and ghoulishly dressed children {and I doubt we’ll turn down adults, at this point} and enjoy our fall scene. Then, we’ll eat. Then perhaps, pick up where we left off last night… with Hannibal. I mean, how much creepier does it get?!

But… I wanted to dial it back for you. Halloween 2011 featured Grease’s Sandy, Two of three blind rodents, and Michael Buble…

Blonde Bestie just happened to look like the BEST Sandy you’ve ever seen. Sandy wishes she looked as good as Blondie did last year. And in defense of the blind rodents, we hadn’t planned on dressing up and rallied at the last minute. Lame, we know.

Oh yeah, and that’s the Chilean… I mean, Michael Buble

All I know, is every blind mouse needs help with lipstick. Michael was obliging. Notice the care he’s taking…

And he was willing to wear some, too.

Once were blind… Now, See.

Ohhhh, Michael!

Swagger. They’ve got just plain old, awesome, understated, tie-swingin’ swagger.

Hope tonight we can capture as much hilarity!


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