She who uses her thumbs…

She’s a genius. I love her.


So…I’m not much of a cold weather kind of girl. Right now its okay because the leaves are so pretty. And November is salvageable because of Thanksgiving. And Christmas makes December bearable. But January and February are the longest two months of the year and I have to do just about whatever it takes to dull the pain. New scarf? Justified. Hottub? Yes please. Starbucks daily? Bring on the gold card. Those copies warm out of the Xerox machine? Let me hold them to my face.

But I think my favorite way of dulling the pain might just be mulled wine. It warms you on the inside. The cinnamon and cloves warm your soul. Its appropriate for just about any gathering…its all forms of fancy.

I wanted to share with you a fun and not too high maintenance gift that would be perfect to give in this season. Its perfect…

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