Pilot me

A friend of mine, we used to call “mini me” is dating/knowing/not dating this boy. Mini Me is away and in another country {hence the not dating comment} doing rich, soul fulfilling things and she’s left the rest of us to figure out what to do without her. I had the delightful opportunity to meet this boy man while I was in Portland. I had heard slivers of him through conversations and stories and was excited to meet him. Well, the awesome part is that he was way better than they had put words to, and I think that’s because he was/is the kind of great that just seeps right out of him. Like he’s not putting it on or polishing up on anything. He just is. He was refreshing, in a hipster, “I wear {very} skinny jeans” kind of way. So, other than us both having a vested interest in Mini Me, we both love Jesus and…… MUSIC. We’ve done some post Portland bonding over tunes. I think I’ve mentioned that I LOVE MUSIC. I need to give you a bunch of stuff that I’m listening to right now, it’s pretty good stuff.

He’s been dear enough to send me some very desk tappin’ tunes…

First little number: There is no official video to this song by Josh Garrels – Pilot Me, but I liked this video best…

Summer Adventures I from tmnrrs on Vimeo.

Another brilliant one:

Moving right along… Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros

Another one from those guys: Janglin. I seriously cannot stop listening to it…

And last one. This one is from the boy, too. He wins this round, a bunch of good tunes. Cheers!


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