Do-Do not.

The Nester posted about what she will not be doing this Christmas this year. I love what she said. I can relate.

I will not be giving into poor family traditions of defensiveness and eggshell walking, but will be stretching out into forgiveness and live-giving grace. I will walk taller knowing that we all really do love each other. Our words can be biting, and I will try to use softer, more supple words. I will try to love people right where they are, even if that’s not where I am or really want to be. I will spend the time relating with the people that have loved me richly, making yummy, rich food, listening to tinkling, thrumming music, and wrapping up in wooly-too-big things to stay warm. 

What will you not do this season? What will you be sure to do?

“Slow the Season

Avoid hurry.  Watch White Christmas too many times.   Cook lots of meals.  Sit on the sofa with friends.  Take walks in the cold. Keep the computer closed. Rejoice, with the weary world.”


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