Bows. Bows. Bows.

I’ve kind of got a lot on my plate this week. The engaged bestie will no longer be engaged as of 4:30p on Saturday and I’ll have to come up with another name for her. At work this week we’ve had three workshops and a gracious plenty of work to do, being in the last quarter. I’ve worked a whopping 42 hours {I’m not complaining at all, I’m just saying…} in four days.

On Tuesday, after getting the must-do’s done around 11:00p, I was wired!

In retrospect…Thank Goodness! I had things to do…

Having been tightly-task-wound ALL {of my long, very good} day, I wanted to zone out. So, I pulled out a bag of string and satin and grosgrain that I’ve been saving for this weekend…. Oh, the Bow Bouquet. I felt pretty unsure about where to start, but almost three hours later… This is what we had!


Who knows what she’ll do with this stringy, hot-glued mess masterpiece! But, there was something compelling about  the twisting and winding and gluing and re-looking… and the weaving development of this plastic-bowl-based conglomeration.

Thankfully, God used the time to untwist and unwind and unglue some of my notions about this wedding weekend.

The dress: will the karate-chop wrap of the 10 foot long straps/fabric-things make me look grotesque? Or Swaddled? Or cocooned, about to become a beautiful butterfly? {It’s one of those convertible dresses, it’s cool, just so many choices… SO many}.

The shoes: will my bone spur and not so lovely hammer-toe very feminine and delicate feet cooperate for long enough to look fabulous in my sparkly shoes?

The toast: Ok, I’ll be honest here, this is not completely untwisted. But my oldest bestie swears under-pressure-work can be some of the best work… Let’s hope.

It occurred to me in this finger-burning, indian-styled process of making one something out of lots of stringy things, that in fact, that’s exactly why we’re gathering together in the chaos of a wedding weekend… To celebrate the something, the relationship, that God has made out of all of these two people’s stringy pieces.

It hit me {hard} that the whole reason I’ve been so busy this week is because God has taken so many of my stringy pieces and developed a very fulfilling, wonderful, satisfying life for me… {it took my breath away}

I am in awe of the miraculous trajectory that He has spun my life into. And in considering the irony of the my wee revelation and the activity before me I seized the opportunity to give thanks, and be in awe, and bask in the crazy, twisted, unglued way God puts us all together.

I found myself smirking at the realities.

There are no accidents. There are no coincidences. There is activity and correcting and pruning… but Love and Purpose and Abundance are the way our God twists and weaves…

I am not as frightened by the next twist as I was of the last one… Nor am I the least be scared about this weekend, or my shoes, or the toast… And why are you anxious about clothing? Consider the lilies of the field, how they grow: they neither toil nor spin – Matt 6:28

No spinning. But Praying.

Pray for safe traveling. Pray for joy. Pray for time management.

Pray for the overflow of love and for God’s creation to be spotlighted in the most tangible of ways.

I feel most sure that I will be soggy and limp on Sunday due to excitment and exhaustion from the weekend. Stand by.


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