Was yours this good?

I fully plan to post about my New Years Eve. But, until then…. I just got this email from my Chilean Bestie…

Does your NYE top this?

I asked: How was YOUR weekend?


The weekend was just amazing.  Arrived in upstate NY late Friday, drinks, jamming, 7 inches of snow, more jamming, more drinks, shots, etc, drove to the city on Sunday, met up with Rob’s fiance, had a delicious dinner with red wine, hit up some awesome bars after dinner, my sister met us out, saw a siiiick band and danced the night away, went to bed around 5am, slept, woke up, ate a bagel, went into the midtown area, bought a new shirt, had some chili, went home, got ready, carried music equipment over to brooklyn where we partied, ate pizza for dinner, got our drink on, played music, climbed on the roof of the apt building as the clock struck 12, salsa danced the night away, went to bed around 6am, woke up, met my sister for a few, ate lunch at an amazing vietnamese spot, then hit the road…

He lives a glamorous life. But, so do I… Stand by for an update.


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