NYE….Slightly overdue.

I’m quite overdue in producing the photos from one spectacular New Years Eve party. I’ve been remiss, let me just apologize! I think I meant to post this four weeks ago, but you know how life goes… It gets busy. Good things have gotten in the way of writing… more on those things later.

My buff bestie (watch out ladies… he’s an eligible gent!) and I planned a baller NYE party… Our first ever. He promised to help me with everything and did he ever…he cleaned out my garage…he cut up enough lemons and limes for a party of 100 (Citrus King)…he ran numerous errands…he held up every end of his bargain, best dude party planning partner, Ever (He ended up being our DJ – which was not part of the deal he agreed to- and did a fabulous job…We capped the guest list at 30 and started making lists.

Lists of people.

Lists of food.

Lists of beverages.

Lists of supplies.

Lists of party favors.

Lists of lists…

Buff bestie REALLY likes lists… I hesitantly complied.

We overbought on food (only a little). We overbought on beverages (more than a little). We invited just the right amount of people, having 24 in attendance. Everyone had favors… but more importantly, everyone had FUN.

We served BBQ prepared by a sweet friend (who helped tremendously), stuffed in fresh yeast rolls with it. YUM. I made chicken salad sliders. We had shrimp cocktail. Delish, as if you could screw that up. Dips and chips. Veggies. Turtle cakes. Brownies. Champagne.

We tried our best to serve up Sparkly FUN on silver platters!!!

Screen Shot 2013-01-30 at 12.15.43 AM

And we did. We Sipped, Sparkled, and Smiled long past midnight. I think the last carload left at 3:30, and we didn’t want them to leave. We ate. We danced. We rapped. We sang. We swooned. We played. We sparkled… We rang in the new year by hugging old friends and new ones. It was optimal. I can’t remember a New Year’s Eve that I’ve enjoyed more.

Image 12

“We’ll take a cup of kindness, yet…”
Image 23

E provided stunner shades for all… She’s a stunna, for sho! Sparkly Bestie drove up from Isle of Palms to ring in the new year with us… And C began the new year with us by stylishly sparkling all night!
Image 9

The newly married bestie’s wedding favor {glittered stunner shades} just keep getting donned.
Image 8

…and this is the dazzling, buff bestie. Remember… He’s available, ladies…. {I’m also fairly sure that J, the pocketed GQ in the background, is adorably available}

Image 25

Pretty Party Girl, C.Image 18

This could be my favorite picture of the night, but there is a close second coming up… Sparkly bestie and I are caught with all our sass… Watch out boys!!!Image

Blond bestie and her beau caught ca-noodling.737398_946391935993_1353695922_o

Another stunna couple!738095_946391960943_1142462642_o
Whatever, they cant help how adorable they are…. I try not to be bitter……………. but I digress.736956_946391731403_987375622_o

Sparkly bestie and I knew that the couple made us look better, so we sat down. Poor A looks a little overwhelmed but the sheer loveliness around him.736064_946392065733_1163326027_o

Ok, here it is, runner up on favorite photo of the night… AM and I were absolutely obliged to “ring/horn” in the new year. Please note his double shades… NOT on his eyes, but conveniently shading his hairline.
A lil dance action.IMG_4310

And the best couple of party planners… Ever. J, you win for man of the party! Thank you for being wonderful! {and stop holding your hiney, it’s not going anywhere.}IMG_4323

There were of course photos that didn’t make the cut. It was promised to be a safe environment… aka, “I will not post this picture, just smile, already.” was said over and over throughout the evening! There is also a video capturing some of my adorable male friends rapping like they are the kings of their middle school homecoming dance. Treasured footage.

Guests: Thank you for joining us! We had a blast! Residual sparkle and fun to come in 2013… If I met you for the first time that night, it was delightful to meet you, come back soon and often! Who knows who you’ll meet here…

The rest of you know the deal, come anytime! Bring your smiles, good-naturedness, and wine {preferably red unless Sparkly B is here, then bring white}!

Cheers to 2013!


One thought on “NYE….Slightly overdue.

  1. love this, in so many ways! think we need to celebrate the new year um like every month! (did you just refer to suspender-wearing,TEN LOOORDS A-LEAPING as sparkly B?!)

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