10 things from March.

I stole this idea from emily, she’s good like that.

1. I learned {again} that the smell of a new baby is divine. And that spending giggle/snuggle time with the excited big sister is priceless. IMG_5190

2. That beef stew over rice always tastes best with your grandparents and should be eaten often in their company.

3. Getting your hair cut and people noticing is pretty awesome, but it’s not nearly as awesome as meeting some small health goals and people noticing. And neither of these things are as good as ME knowing that I can reach my own goals, whether people notice or not.

4. Missing a family vacation can be hard. But, traveling to the Florida coast has certain benefits: good food, good weather, good people… Good times!IMG_5327

5. It’s important to have an exit strategy for a time like I had in Florida. I was not prepared for departure.

6. Meeting an author is a lot like meeting a normal person. In fact, it’s exactly the same and I loved it.IMG_5389

7. Getting flowers in my office makes me look like a sappy goofball… I mean, really! Has anyone ever looked so excited…?20130405-155450.jpg

8. Seeing old friends and their new friends and everyone being friends is a glorious thing. I love when God does that thing with comUNITY.


9. When your friends grow up and have different lives from yours you can still get together and have dinner, &  realize all of your lives still matter to each other… and that’s precious, timeless news.20130405-155751.jpg

10. When dating someone in another state, knowing the next time you get to see him makes leaving a little easier… {albeit, not much}

Happy April, y’all!


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